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Internet Access Planes

"Wi-Fi" Fixed Wireless Broadband
Explore the possibilities of life online with Fixed Wireless Broadband. A dedicated high-speed connection can save you time, help you enjoy online activities, open up the option to work at home, and so much more.

Non-Recurring Service Contract on Access Equipment May Be Required.
  $ 125.00     Service contract on Access Equipment.*

Recurring Monthly Charges
               $  20.00      1 meg/sec.
               $  30.00      2 meg/sec.
               $  40.00      3 meg/sec.
               $  55.00      6 meg/sec.
               $  75.00      8 meg/sec.
               $ 100.00    12 meg/sec.
               $ 175.00    24 meg/sec.
*   One time charge to cover replacement of equipment in case of damage. Must have a current and active broadband
     service account.